For years, the only methods for reshaping the body and getting rid of fat was through diet and exercise. But these methods don’t always work, even when done consistently and religiously. Liposuction has been at the top of the list of the most popular cosmetic procedures for many years because it works extremely well for recontouring those troublesome areas that simply don’t really respond (results may vary). Liposuction is not as much of a surgery as say a tummy tuck or a breast reduction, but it is still surgery.

A few variations of liposuction were developed (eg SmartLipo) as “minimally invasive”, more gentle, office lipo techniques. But “invasive” means that it is still not really “non-surgical”. The good news: the reality of truly, 100%  non-surgical methods to help reshape the body through fat melting has been gaining momentum for some time.

Over the next few months, the world of non-surgical fat melting is going to become even more amazing as the technology for non-surgical laser lipo has made even more advances and will help take this all better and further. Several big-time, trusted laser companies are throwing their hats into this ring now. You will be seeing this on the news everywhere.

We’ve been very happy with our non-surgical green laser for fat melting. But we’ll soon be announcing the arrival of another, very exciting new laser lipo system to our center!  To learn more about how this non-invasive “laser lipo” technology works, click here to read my article “Non-Invasive Cellulite and Fat Reduction”. That’s right, it works on cellulite, too! And watch for our center announcements about the new Strawberry Laser Lipo!