As we age, our cheeks tend to flatten and lose their contour, creating a fatigued, flatter, and aged appearance to the face. The flattening/deflating of the cheeks also accentuates any heaviness, sagginess or droopiness to the facial skin. The artistic adding of a small amount of volume with Voluma® in a sculpting-like manner can restore, fill, and recontour the face in a subtle way that rejuvenates without calling any attention to what was done. Voluma®  is from Allergan,  the highly respected and trusted makers of Botox and  Juvederm. Voluma® is a non-surgical injectable treatment, performed  in just minutes for you by Dr. Back during your appointment in our office, just like the other fillers used for treating  lines and wrinkles or for the lips. Voluma® is a specially formulated filler, specifically designed for cheek rejuvenation. Voluma® provides a very natural but slightly firmer support than other fillers – and results that can last up to 2 years after treatment! Add volume, lift and an improved shape to your cheeks. Look fresher, younger, lifted and less “tired”…with Voluma®! Results may vary.