Poorly or inadequately projecting nipples are actually fairly common. Dr. Back often sees women in consultation with this awkward problem. In the more severe cases, the nipple may be inverted and almost “buried” into the breast or the surrounding pigmented areolar tissue. Only one side may be affected. Most of the time, women have lived with this embarrassing situation for a number of years, unaware that fairly simple treatments are available. An inverted nipple correction procedure performed by Dr. Back should fix the problem. For women interested in breast implant augmentation, inverted nipple correction is usually performed at the same time. In fact, sometimes a breast implant augmentation procedure alone can cure the less-severe cases of nipple inversion!  A very important word of caution – recent and new onset of nipple inversion can be a tell-tale sign of an underlying breast cancer and should be evaluated by your physician as soon as possible!