Non-surgical fat reduction – it’s a very real thing.  Although you won’t get as significant a reduction as you could obtain with liposuction, that’s the compromise for the benefits of eliminating the pain, recovery issues, expense, and risks of a surgical procedure.  Or are these issues “eliminated”?  You’ve heard about the extensively and heavily marketed “freezing” of your fat?  Sounds like it hurts, and it does.  And the treatment takes up a lot of time.  And there’s a recovery.  And it’s not cheap.  What if you could get the same non-surgical fat reducing results but truly without the pain, recovery, risk, or expense?  Strawberry Laser Lipolysis works by tricking your fat cells into emptying.  Simply, elegantly, and in just minutes.  No painful, destructive cold or intense heat or electrocution here; it’s about as painful as shining a flashlight on your skin.  Exactly!  The Strawberry – the easy choice.