Newsbytes January 2020
Tips For Finding The Right Plastic Surgeon
Which Drink Is Best For Hydration?  Hint: It’s Not Water

Beauty Buzz January 2020
Why Wait…Exfoliate!
Enjoy 20% Off ALL In-Office Skin Care Products – For A Full Year!
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Newsbytes October 2019
Get A More Shapely Figure With A Breast Lift!
SniffPhone Detects Cancer

Beauty Buzz October 2019
Understanding Melanin & Hyperpigmentation
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Newsbytes July 2019
The Male Breast Reduction
Our July Botox & Wrinkle Filler Marathon Is Coming

Beauty Buzz July 2019
Perk Lip & Eye Treatments Are Here!
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Why Celebs LOVE HydraFacials

Newsbytes April 2019
Liposuction – What You Should Know
Facelifts In Your 40’s?

Beauty Buzz April 2019
Spring HydraFacial Special
Why Celebs LOVE Microneedling Skin Rejuvenation!

Newsbytes January 2019
The Look Fabulous Now Lift
Hair Can Detect Scents?

Beauty Buzz January 2019
Microneedling Skin Rejuvenation
Our Product Of The Month

Newsbytes October 2018
HydraFacial Is Here!!!
Men – Time To Refresh Your Look – Without Surgery!

Beauty Buzz October 2018
HydraFacial Is Here!!!
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Newsbytes July 2018
The Brazilian Butt Lift – 5 Things To Know!
Cosmetic Surgery For A Pet Fish?!?

Beauty Buzz July 2018
Why Wait – Exfoliate!
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Newsbytes April 2018
Why Is Smoking Before Surgery So Dangerous?
New, Longer-Lasting Form Of Botox On The Horizon

Beauty Buzz April 2018
Why Should You Try Microdermabrasion?
Could These Bacteria Stop Skin Cancer?

Newsbytes January 2018
Breast Implants – 5 Things You Need To Know
Botox…For Children???

Beauty Buzz January 2018
Hyperpigmentation Treatment Strategies
Is Microneedling An Alternative To Lasers?

Newsbytes October 2017
Changing The Shape Of Your Face?,
Are Slugs Inspiring The Future Of Sutures?

Beauty Buzz October 2017
Eat Sweet Potatoes For Smoother Skin,
Don’t Wait – Exfoliate!,
Did You Know?

Newsbytes July 2017
Why Do Doctors Fear BDD?,
Melt Away That ‘Double Chin’ With Kybella!

Beauty Buzz July 2017
Using Nutrition For 5 Common,
Cosmetic Skin Care: The Five Basics

Newsbytes April 2017
Tips For Finding The Right Plastic Surgeon,
Liposuction – What You Should Know Before You Do It,
“Fountain of Youth” In Fat Cells?

Beauty Buzz April 2017
Jump Into Spring!,
Achieving Brilliant, Radiant, Brighter Skin

Newsbytes January 2017
It’s All In The Cheeks!,
E-Cigarettes And Plastic Surgery,
14 Celebrities And Their Plastic Surgery

Beauty Buzz January 2017
New Safety Regulations For Cosmetics,
Skin Cell Turnover Rate

Newsbytes October 2016
Is It Time For An Eyelid Lift?,
Botox & Wrinkle Filler Marathon Coming In November!,
Mussels Can Help With Artificial Joints?

Beauty Buzz October 2016
Achieving Brilliant, Radiant, Brighter Skin!,
Skin Diseases – Lessons From The Past

Newsbytes July 2016
Arnica Can Limit Bruising,
Botox & Wrinkle Filler Marathon This Month!,
Worried About “Rolls” Around Your Back/Bra Line?

Beauty Buzz July 2016
Microneedling Skin Rejuvenation – 5 Things To Know!,
New York – The #1 Most “Wrinkled” State?

Newsbytes April 2016
Gynecomastia In Men,
Heart Disease & Vitamins

Beauty Buzz April 2016
Do You Need Microdermabrasion?,
How To Prevent Acne Breakouts

Newsbytes January 2016
Get Rid Of Those “Smoker’s Lines”!,
A New Treatment For Under-Eye Bags?,
Drink Coffee – Live Longer!

Beauty Buzz January 2016
Why Wait?  Exfoliate!,
Winterize Your Skin For Outdoor Workouts

Newsbytes October 2015
Can A “Strawberry” Melt The Fat Away?,
Regrow Your Hair – With Microneedling!,
Aspirin May Ward Off Breast Cancer

Beauty Buzz October 2015
Using Nutrition To Treat Skin Problems,
Can A “Strawberry” Melt The Fat Away?

Newsbytes  July 2015
Botox – Headache And Migraine “Cure”?,
What Is Kybella?,
Plastic Surgery May Leave You Looking More Likable

Beauty Buzz July 2015
Using Nutrition To Treat Skin Problems,
Our Favorite Things!,
Sun Damage Keeps Going After You Go Inside!


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