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Beautiful, Sculpted Eyebrows – NO microblading, NO tattooing, NO needles, NO downtime, No recovery. How??

With Brow Lamination!


Do you have thinning, unsculpted eyebrows?  Perhaps a gap here or there? A little unruly or uneven?  Maybe considering microblading or even tattooing as an option?

Please reconsider! Brow Lamination is pulling ahead in popularity over those invasive, risky procedures. Why not get great results with a much more gentle, painless, non-invasive, and sophisticated treatment option? Less expensive too! Think  “eyebrow perm” (but no dyes or coloring are involved). Your eyebrows look sculpted, appealing… and will stay that way for about 2 months, even after washing off your other cosmetics!

Look at our brow lamination “before” and “after” photos. The striking eyebrows you will see show the sculpting power of this amazing treatment!  Brows that look styled, thicker, smoother, more youthful and more defined.  But not from any microblading or tattooing .  No – no blades, no needles, no downtime, no recovery; nothing like that.  This is an easy, simple, purely non-invasive, semi-permanent treatment.  In under an hour your eyebrows will be looking great.  Aftercare is simple: daily moisturizing cream.  Patients with sensitive skin (rosacea, eczema, dermatitis) might experience some mild swelling, peeling, itchiness, or redness.  Otherwise, no recovery issues to speak of. Many of our patients add in simultaneous treatments like waxing or tinting.

*Results will vary with each individual