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Cool sculpt is a popular non-invasive fat reduction treatment which works by freezing your fat (cryolypolysis).  But a serious complication side effect has been discovered to be much more common than previously thought – PAH: paradoxical adipose hyperplasia.  This is when hardened, thick areas of increased fat deposits develop within the very areas targeted for reduction!

The leading manufacturer of cool sculpt equipment previously reported PAH as rare, with a risk of occurring in 1 in 4,000 treatments.  But a July, 2018 research report in the industry standard journal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery concluded that the risk is much higher – as much as 1 in 138 treatments!

Strawberry Laser Lipolysis is a noninvasive fat reduction treatment which stimulates fat cells to empty – without freezing, heating, or injury to any body tissues.  The procedure is completely non-painful and the fat reduction occurs similarly to the way diet and exercise work.  PAH has never been reported following any Strawberry treatments.

Strawberry Laser LipolysisCool Sculpt Cryolipolysis
Total Treatment Cost$1500 – $2000$3000 – $5000
(Average Liposuction Cost Is $3000 – $5000)

Mechanism of ActionFat Cells Empty/Shrink AsTissue Is Killed By Cold, Creating Fat
They Would With Diet/Exercise;Necrosis (Wounds) Under The Skin;
Promotes Increased Fat MetabolismDoes Not Increase Fat Metabolism

Fat Reduction %20-25% Decrease In Fat Volume20-25% Decrease In Fat Volume

Treatment Pain/DiscomfortNoneExtreme Cold, Painful
Uncomfortable – During And Afterward

Treatment Time15 – 30 Minutes1 Hour + Per Area

Post Treatment DowntimeNoneOften

Short-Term Post Treatment IssuesNoneBruising, ‘Hickies’, Discoloration,
Numbness, Pain

Long-Term Post Treatment IssuesNoneNumbness For 2 – 3 Months + ;
Long-Term Pain; DVT;
Irregular Fat Patches, Bumpy Contours;
Paradoxical Fat Deposit Increase (PAH)

See Results3 – 4 Weeks3 – 4 Months

Safety For All Skin TypesYes? – Can Cause Pigment Changes In Skin

Corporate Marketing Advertising$$$$$

Proper Candidate Must Have Not RequiredNecessary So That Fat Can Be “Sucked”
 Significant “Pinchable” FatInto Vacuum Applicator

PAH – Paradoxical AdiposeNever ReportedRisk: 1 out of 138 Treatments
Hyperplasia – Hard Fat Deposits;
Increased Fat Deposits After Treatment

*Results will vary with each individual